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The Family [ABC, 2016]

This fourth review is about ABC’s 2016 american thriller, The Family. I mistakenly thought there was only 10 eps but in reality, the number of eps is 12. I got really upset as the “finale” was still so confusing. (Just so you know, I watched it in 2017 .. I really don’t know why I only found 10 eps at first and not 12, I only knew about the 12 ep because I was looking for the actors names for this review.)

Length: ✯✯✩✩✩

10 eps was already a lot of eps but it got 2 more eps so .. It’s was a long series (impressions, not real length)

Events: ✯✩✩✩✩

Every thing was as expected. Nothing surprised me. Like no suspense. And really, what kind of ending is that ? I lost 12 hours of my life.

Rhythm: ✩✩✩✩✩
Tooooooo slow, really boring.

Visuel: ✯✩✩✩✩
It’s a thriller but nothing is freaking us (me) out. There’s no suspense at all. The first time I watched the series, I got bored of it and stopped mid second ep. It took me about 6 months to finish the series. There was nothing visually attractive, the actors included. The best looking one is probably the woman in charge of the case (Nina Meyer, actress name Margot Bingham). Yes she’s pretty.

Acting: ✯✯✯✩✩

Acting was pretty average .. Sometimes it was really exaggerated ! (Well, not like most asian actors but still) It was not awful and was in sync with the series so it’s cool.

Storyline: ✯✯✩✩✩

Like I said, the storyline in the synopsis is basically all the series, almost everything was known from the beginning.

Characters: ✯✯✩✩✩

The mother Claire Warren (Joan Allen) was kind of desperate for her governor title, it was a bit of a turn off. And when she finally got the title, she was all depressed about she knew the fake son Ben was responsible for the real son Adam’s death.

The father John Warren (Rupert Graves) is a cheater so yeah. He could have divorced her first ? Like a lot of couple do after some tragic incident. It’s not unusual.

The big brother Danny Warren (Zach Gilford) was sharp at the beginning but then he became jelly. Not interesting anymore.

The big sister Willa Warren (Alison Pill) is the mastermind behind the whole “Fake brother’s return”. She was totally desperate to keep her family together, though it was broken since years. Plus she’s sleeping with her brother’s girlfriend .. I don’t care if she’s lesbian, I’ll even say GOOD THING, but it’s her bro’s girlfriend !

The returned son Adam Warren is well, not the real son. His real name is Ben (Liam James) and he’s an orphan because his mother went to jail when he was 2 and was not granted custody of her child back when she was out. (He didn’t recognized her either so)

Hank Asher (Andrew McCarthy), the registered sex offender that was “responsible for Adam’s murder”. To be honest, I don’t know what he is doing in this series. Yes he was the scapegoat for the case but as soon as he was proved innocent (10 years later), what was his purpose in the story ? Like yes, he helped the police to find who was the real kidnapper but he didn’t do it for the kid, but for the glory of being the one finding the truth. Well, an useless character.

Bridey Cruz (Floriana Lima), the (shallow) reporter who is sleeping with Danny and Willa to get info. Talking about sleeping around, this series have too much se(x) scene ! Like one ep = one se(x) scene ! It was uncomfortable to watch most of the time too ..

Nina Meyer (Margot Bingham), the policewoman responsible of this case, she was a rookie when she got the case 10 years ago and made her career on this same case. She’s the one sleeping with John Warren. She is sooooo desperate to find the culprit that it’s annoying.

OST: I’m really bad at listening to OSTs when I watch something ..
I didn’t hear any OSTs tbh ..

Actors: ✯✩✩✩✩
I didn’t know any of the actors before this series, and it didn’t convinced me to find more about them.

Results: ✯✩✩✩✩
This is definitely not a series I’ll recommend to anyone. The storyline was sh(i)t and the series was like in slow motion. I don’t really regret watching this.

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