Kotaro Horibuchi [Rental Boyfriend]

This first review is about a character from a otome game I’m currently playing. I just finished playing him for the second time so one ending is still fresh in my mind.

Spoiler alert for this game’s players.

Visual: ✯✯✯✯✩
When I first say him in the prologue, I was kind of skeptical about him because he was descripted as a younger man (he is still older than my real life age !) and his visual were kind of childish .. I love cute things but not cute 2D boys/men.

Storyline: ✯✯✯✯✩
His first chapter’s title [The worst sate in history] is right, it was really the worst date (chapter) in history. It was really a torture to read. And when they were with the elders at the hot springs, MC got mocked out of her room so Kotaro let her sleep in his room (with him aha). He was willing to sacrifice a blooming dream (still building in his head then) to take care of the Nichibu school in his brother’s stead. In the end of Fulfilling end, he got to work alongside MC in order to archieve their common dream ! Oh right, what is his dream in life ? His dream is MC !

Character: ✯✯✯✯✩
Kotaro was soooo forceful that it was really hard for me to enjoy the story. But after some times, MC and Kotaro became friends and Pushy / Forceful Kotaro was no more. Instead we got a really thoughtful and gentle Kotaro ! Kotaro is soooo friendly with the elders of the merchant alley, it was a heartthrobbing side of him to see. I loved when he was helping MC understand the lecture they both attended, he didn’t just took her there and let her struggle alone. Kotaro went from a pushy character to a gentle one and then he matured a lot near the end, after MC and him got together.

Results: ✯✯✯✯✩

Right after the first chapter, I was really into the story and I kind of rushed it when I played. I was always wondering when and how would they get together so in the end, I used 9 refils ! I was really rushing ! Aha I even got scared of a “rival” of MC as the girl was younger and her visual were really cute !


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