Welcome !

Hello ! Bonjour ! 안녕하세요 ! Xin chào !

Welcome to this new blog of mine, the random review one ! Just as its name says, I’ll try to post several days a week (most probably 3 days) some review on whatever I feel like reviewing that day ! (I’ll begin on the 16th, I need to organize myself first aha, I’m a mess right now !)

Disclaimer (because I need one): The review is totally biased and reflect my own opinion so it may not be to everyone’s liking but well, I love some things and hate others, it’s how life works ! I’ve never reviewed anything nor did I read other people’s reviews so maybe what I call “review” is just me writing about what I thought of something.
I’ll probably write all reviews in English because it’s an universal language but I may switch to other languages sometimes as I can speak 4 languages fluently (French is my mother language though) (tbh, I can speak 5 languages fluently but I don’t like the 5th one at all, I only use it in business.)

(2017.10.05: I’ll change the theme to something else when I get my new mini computer back from the shop, I can’t do a good job through the app from my phone or my tablet, bear with this default theme for a while please !)

With love, Aria.


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